Zywave, a leading provider of software solutions for insurance brokers, announced the launch of Zywave's Service Packages -- an offering of bundled and a la carte services that will assist brokers in the areas of compliance, decision support and risk management, communication, and benefits administration.

Services, such as personalized webinars, prospect meeting preparation, client demos, video creation, customized reports and benchmarking are available, and will be fully executed by Zywave.

"We’re here to make sure that partners succeed after they’ve made their investment," says Melanie Harris, director of Professional Services at Zywave.

"Many of our partners have been asking for ways that we can help them do even more with the Zywave solutions they already have. We developed the service options to specifically address these requests, and to ensure that our partners are able to focus on growth and retention through differentiation. We’re excited to launch Zywave’s Service Packages and to offer the very things our partners have been asking for."

Zywave Service Packages feature three tiers from which partners can choose. Each tier offers a variety of options, with services ranging from less complex to more robust services. Partners can purchase a bundle of three services within a tier, or they can opt to purchase services a la carte.

The new options not only expand the ways that Zywave’s partners can use their current materials and software solutions, they also provide access to new services that some brokers might not be able to execute themselves.

"A few months ago, we launched the Total Support Spectrum," said Dave O’Brien, Zywave’s CEO.

"The purpose behind that initiative was to provide our partners with all the materials they needed to demonstrate their value to prospects and clients. Zywave’s Service Packages take that one step further, by offering our partners new and additional ways to meet their clients’ needs in areas including compliance and communication. Investing in Zywave goes beyond the software — it’s a partnership. The new service offerings are one more way we’re helping brokers differentiate and succeed."

The new service packages are available exclusively through Zywave.

Zywave is a leading provider of software-as-a-service (SaaS) technology solutions for the insurance industry.

The company’s products include web-enabled marketing communications, business intelligence and analytics, client resource portals and agency management tools.

More than 3,000 brokerages worldwide — including more than 90 of the top 100 U.S. insurance firmsuse Zywave’s proven solutions to differentiate themselves from the competition, enhance client services, improve efficiencies and achieve organic growth.