Zurich Financial Services has launched eight new professional indemnity products to a range of professionals across the small and medium enterprises, corporate, construction and property sectors.

The new Zurich Professional and Financial Lines team, led by Stuart Quinlan, has been developing the capability and expertise to bring this procuct to the market place.

The new function brings together Zurich Professional, a provider of solicitors professional indemnity insurance for a number of years, and the new Financial Lines team to drive forward the capability to the market place.

The products feature: civil liability cover including libel and slander, breach of confidentiality and infringement of intellectual property rights; cover for replacing or restoring lost documents and for compensation for court attendance; cost of representation at any official investigation into the business; mitigation of loss cover where you have to waive the fee from your client to avoid incurring a claim and innocent non-disclosure cover.

Mr Quinlan said: We have the right people and the right products in place to achieve our ambition of becoming a top three player in this very competitive market.

We will be initially offering the proposition to a range of brokers and as we continue to build our capacity and expertise we will widen that broker potential.