Insurance buyers, brokers to have access to risk trends, insights and research papers

Zurich in North America has unveiled the electronic library of risk insights and product information called Zurich Virtual Literature Rack (VLR). It is an internet-based tool for risk managers and brokers of large and mid-sized firms.

The company said that the users of the new tool can be used to find relevant industry information, risk insights and research papers to help them understand and manage the risks businesses face today, a selection of Zurich product information brochures and fact sheets and information about the risk trends affecting their business and the insurance industry.

Greg Maguire, head of customer and distribution management at Zurich Global Corporate, said: “The Zurich Virtual Literature Rack is a leading-edge way for Zurich to reach out to customers, brokers and other interested parties with information about solutions that can help them address the risk challenges they face in today’s world.

“The information is at their disposal anytime day or night for viewing, downloading, e-mailing and even printing on their office printers. This will give us a sense of the products or services people want to know about, which in turn helps us deliver even more relevant information.”

John Parker, chief marketing officer of Zurich North America Commercial, said: “This really brings the delivery of important product and risk information into the 21st century. Printing and mailing glossy, expensive brochures to people who may or may not want to receive them is no longer the preferred way most businesses want to share information about their products.

“The Zurich Virtual Literature Rack gets around that challenge in a more cost-effective and environmentally friendly manner. It provides a single, convenient source of information and gives users control over what information they want to access.”