Zurich’s Climate Change Resilience Services will address current and future physical risks related to natural hazards and climate change


Zurich offices in Madrid, Spain. (Credit: Luis García/Wikipedia.)

Zurich Insurance Group has introduced its new Climate Change Resilience Services for businesses to help them prepare for present and future risks related to climate change.

The Swiss insurance firm has expanded its existing natural hazards risk advisory service to include climate change services. The new offering is part of its commitment to providing security through insurance coverage, said the company.

The new Climate Change Resilience Services comprises sharing of expertise, restraining the impact of adverse events on operations, and providing safety for employees and businesses.

Also, Zurich’s new service offers guidance on executing sustainability measures at the site level, simultaneously maintaining the capability to endure risks.

Zurich commercial insurance sustainability head Gabrielle Durisch said: “We have invested in technology and expertise to provide customers with tailor-made advice and tools that help them strengthen their resilience and prepare for future challenges.

“The scope of the new offering sets Zurich apart and underscores our commitment to sustainability and a 1.5°C future. As we undertake our own journey to sustainable business practices, we are encouraging and supporting our customers to become more sustainable and mitigate climate change-related risks.”

Climate Change Resilience Services will provide solutions for risk of weather-related events

According to the World Economic Forum’s Global Risks Report, risk managers and business owners widely rated climate change as the major area of concern. The forum’s 2020 edition highlighted that all the five most likely risks expected in the coming decade are related to climate change.

Zurich said that its Climate Change Resilience Services will address the issues by offering a wide range of solutions and protecting businesses and their employees.

Through the new offering, customers can tap on the company’s risk engineering expertise in the events of natural hazards and climate change, and strengthen their flexibility through physical and operational measures along with insurance products.

Furthermore, Zurich claimed that its Climate Change Resilience Services will help mitigate and adapt solutions for the risks from weather events including wildfires, windstorms and floods, to climate effects, including temperature and rise in sea-level.