An insurer for Sony, Zurich American Insurance has pleaded a New York state court in the US, that it should not be liable for compensation for the cyberattack and massive data breach affecting the PlayStation Network, Sony Online Entertainment and Sony Pictures network.

The insurer has pleaded the judge that it shouldn’t made to pay off for losses related to the cyber attack.

Zurich American Insurance argues that the insurance policy it has set for Sony does not cover the part of the business that suffered the breach or the sort of damage the theft caused.

Sony in April this year discovered that hackers had gained access to 77 million accounts on its PlayStation Network forcing Sony to shut down PlayStation Network worldwide for more than a month while Sony reviewed its security measures.

The insurance firm however agreed to pay anyone who incurred financial loss as a result of the incident, but it is still being sued by a number of users.

Sony has made claims on several of its insurance policies, including one with Zurich, to help pay its legal bills and provide compensation.

Zurich American, a unit of Zurich Financial Services, also sued units of Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance, AIG and ACE Ltd, asking the court to clarify their responsibilities under various insurance policies they had written for Sony.

Sony said it anticipates the hacking will pare down its operating profit by 14 billion yen ($178 million) during the financial year, including costs for boosting security measures .

The company said the figure does not include potential compensation which may arise due to the security breach.