XSP, a provider of automated end-to-end Corporate Actions solutions, said that it has signed an agreement with a global insurance company, to implement the XSP v5 platform for automated global Corporate Actions processing.

The insurer has licensed the XSP Data Management & Scrubbing module, web-based eTRAN module for automated notifications, response capture and elections processing, XSP ISO Messaging and XSP Entitlements to streamline its Corporate Actions operations.

According to the XSP, the platform solution is developed to automate each step in the processing of global Corporate Actions.

XSP CEO Brendan Farrell said that the XSP v5 product will allow this client to control and streamline process flow resulting in significant risk reduction.

"With over 18 million customers worldwide, this insurance company relies on the XSP product to ensure they meet their clients’ requirements," Farrell said.