XSI Sports Insurance, a supplemental sports accident insurance provider, has become the title marketing partner for XSI Factory, a provider of sports, training, and camps experience with sports-related accidental insurance for kids, adults and families.

All current and new members of XSI Factory will have the opportunity to obtain XSI Sports Insurance at a reduced rate, said XSI Sports Insurance.

XSI Factory provides one-on-one sports training; sports camps, including basketball, tumbling, martial arts, cheerleading, boxing and mixed martial arts; and sports and fitness facilities.

Robert Scott, CEO and founder of XSI Sports Insurance, said: ”XSI Factory is a unique facility that gives sports enthusiasts a wide range of opportunities all under one roof. It allows active people to be as aggressive in their sports as they desire and confidently participate with less worry about costly injuries.”

XSI Sports Insurance provides supplemental accident and injury coverage designed for active people who love sports. It pays out directly to the individual based on the type of injury and covers the gap between insurance and the cost of care.

The company provides plans for kids, adults, couples, domestic partners and families at rates starting at $12.40 per month.