XL Insurance in assocaition with National Indemnity Company will issue endorsements to "Side A" directors & officers policies.

XL Insurance has inked a new agreement with National Indemnity Company, an insurance-arm of Berkshire Hathaway. As per the terms of this agreement and the related reinsurance agreement, National Indemnity will issue endorsements to Side A directors & officers policies.

XL Insurance’s Side A coverage offers personal asset protection for directors and officers when other sources of insurance or indemnification are unavailable.

John T. Burrows, Senior VP of XL Insurance’s Professional group, said: “XL Insurance’s association with National Indemnity brings together our collective strengths to support our clients’ long-term professional liability needs.”

David Duclos, CEO of XL Insurance, said: Given today’s business climate, we believe that this enhanced ‘Side A’ coverage, for individual Directors & Officers, addresses both client and broker need for a program that offers the utmost protection to directors and officers in the event that the client’s indemnity coverage fails to respond.