A multilingual version of property risk assessment and reporting tool to help businesses develop a risk profile of their entire property portfolio

XL Global Asset Protection Services (XL GAPS), a property loss prevention consulting firm and part of the XL Insurance group of companies, has introduced a multilingual version of its online property risk assessment and reporting tool, MyAnalysis.

The company said that MyAnalysis helps quantify property exposures and manage property loss prevention efforts. The program allows risk or property managers to view exposures across their global enterprise, support critical risk management decisions, and direct loss prevention programs and resources.

Tim Heinze, head of XL GAPS, said: More and more international clients are looking for local language solutions as part of their growing emphasis on Enterprise Risk Management, while legislation is putting greater responsibility for safety on their facility and plant managers. MyAnalysis helps businesses develop a risk profile of their entire property portfolio, providing a comprehensive picture and understanding of a company’s property risks around the world.

MyAnalysis is a key component of XL GAPS’ growing portfolio of loss prevention tools and services, including impairment management consultation, hot work permit tags and procedures, and risk assessment reports that are also available to XL GAPS clients in multiple languages, claims the company.