XL Capital, a provider of insurance and reinsurance services, has appointed Jacob Rosengarten as the new executive vice president and chief enterprise risk officer of the XL group of companies.

Mr Rosengarten, a managing director of Goldman Sachs, will join XL on September 15, 2008. In his new role at XL, Mr Rosengarten will be responsible for ensuring the efficient identification, assessment, monitoring, and reporting of key risks across the XL group.

Mr Rosengarten will report directly to XL’s CEO Michael McGavick and will chair XL’s enterprise risk committee which is comprised of the company’s top risk management professionals.

Mr McGavick said: This appointment demonstrates XL’s commitment to excellence in enterprise risk management. This has been a core pillar of XL’s business and while much progress has been made at XL, we know we can do better, and, working with Jacob, this remains one of my top key areas of focus. We are excited to add Jacob’s wealth of knowledge and experience in enterprise risk management to our reorganized leadership in risk underwriting and management.