XL Group has added six seasoned underwriters to its US cyberliability underwriting group, and also appointed a new vice president to its Select Professional group, in a bid to expand its technology underwriting capabilities in New York, Atlanta and Chicago.

The company has appointed Marcin Weryk and Maura Weikman as senior underwriters and Ryan Gibney as underwriter at its New York-based tech/cyberliability team, which will also see addition of Dawn Simmons, a senior underwriter from XL’s London office.

XL is establishing additional regional underwriting operations to provide brokers with more local access to its technology and cyberliability expertise, and appointed Joel Fehrman as underwriter in Atlanta office, Vernon Suckerman as senior underwriter in Chicago, with Steve Anderson as the senior underwriter for this business at Dallas office.

John Coletti has been hired as the new vice president of XL Group’s Select Professional group, and will report to the unit’s chief underwriting officer Don Allard.

XL Group’s Technology and Cyber Risk underwriting manager Scott Schleicher said, ”By boosting our tech underwriting capabilities, we’re better prepared to address our clients’ cyberliability concerns.”

The company’s technology E&O products include XL Eclipse that offers network security liability, privacy liability, extortion threat and media content services liability under one policy form, apart from providing financial protection against losses incurred by an interruption in business, privacy notification and credit monitoring costs, regulatory fines or crisis management expenses.