Nearly half of all construction industry fatalities involve a vehicle. To force a decline in such statistics, XL Group's North America Construction insurance business has added fleet safety training services provided in collaboration with Issaquah, Washington-based SWERVE Fleet Training.

According to Scott Merchant, head of XL Group’s Construction Risk Engineering team, "Contractors face significant vehicle risks both on and off the jobsite. They work with vehicles of all sizes – dump trucks, tractor trailers, concrete mixers, tankers and others. If not operated safely, these vehicles are dangerous weapons instead of the useful tools they are meant to be."

XL Group’s Construction Risk Engineers collaborate with SWERVE and its contractor clients to analyze and evaluate current driver performance. Using this information, SWERVE provides XL Group’s clients with a tailored 360 degree training and instruction to correct driver habits that are resulting in accidents and other losses.

"Our goal is to help increase the safety record and reduce the collision rates for XL Group’s clients," said Joe Giammona, CEO of SWERVE Fleet Training. "By reducing incidents, our hands-on training helps contractors protect their employees, the public and their bottom line."

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