London-based business process and technology service provider Xchanging has introduced a new mobile application for the UK insurance market.

Dubbed X-presso, the application enables claims handlers and insurers to view and use claims files on the move using their iPads.

Stitching together all multiple documents related with an insurance claim in an indexed file, the application helps users to access the Insurers’ Market Repository (IMR) of more than 25 million insurance documents.

Xchanging chief information officer Jim Sadler said digitisation of the market was long felt to interfere with critical face-to-face negotiation between broker and underwriter.

”This app helps us to support and reinforce that face-to-face activity, finally exposing the myth that insurance is a backward looking business that cannot evolve into the modern day,” Sadler added.

In addition to allowing users to quickly find the critical page, X-presso facilitates attachment of temporary notes to a file on the move, during a meeting or phone conversation.

The application is accessible inside the Lloyd’s market using the Lime Street building’s new and enhanced Wi-Fi network, for both the Lloyd’s and company markets in a series of events held in the Lloyd’s building and on the Willis concourse.