The acquisition is expected to close by year-end

The Wyncrest Group, an insurance and financial products and services, has commenced targetting the extended warranty coverage market for automobiles and trucks.

Wyncrest has targetted a Louisiana-based extended warranty company which specialises in automobile and truck parts, and service and maintenance policies with yearly sales of $3.5m. The acquisition is expected to close by year-end.

Bill McFarland, chairman of the Wyncrest Group, said: A significant accomplishment of the program is that it took many of the most risky vehicles off the road for good; something which not only benefits the environment, but makes the extended warranty market stronger. Though the program has ended, we can continue to help America’s auto industry and average car and truck owners.

According to company highlights of the its comparative advantages include certified representatives, One-on-one customer service, customised policy coverage and payment of claims.