Georgia-based WS Pharr & Co has agreed to merge and operate as PointeNorth Insurance Group, effective from 01 February 2013.

Established in 1988, the company’s operations will merge with PointeNorth as locally owned independent insurers comprising more than 40,000 clients and offices in Atlanta, Decatur, Alpharetta and Columbus, US.

Pharr president William Pharr said, "Our combined talent and market presence will make us a very formidable agency in Atlanta and the Southeast."

Continuing to serve as a shareholder, Pharr will also act as a senior vice president of PointeNorth and president of the WS Pharr middle market programs.

He will be joined by George Boudoucies, Joe Mendenhall, Fred Mitchell, and Bob Fyfe, who will serve as vice presidents.

PointeNorth CEO Bill Skeeles said that the company will continue to expand its presence and commercial markets expertise with the WS Pharr & Co’s middle market practise.

"Our 24 month goal is to double our size while creating a stable and competitive market for our clients and partners," Skeeles added.