WrightUSA has launched a new professional liability product tailored to US government employees with international exposures. The product, branded as the World Wide Plan, will respond to any allegation of a covered Wrongful Act even if the suit is brought outside of the US.

According to WrightUSA, the new product offering also includes other unique policy features in addition to the international coverage aspect. It provides a liability limit of $2m to cover indemnity and claims expenses arising from allegations of covered wrongful acts brought against the insured.

In addition, in an event that US Department of Justice declines to defend an insured, the new plan will provide up to $200,000 in legal expense coverage. This coverage applies civil and criminal proceedings, and also both formal and informal investigations initiated by Federal Government against an insured.

Glenn Clark, president of WrightUSA, said: “Feedback received from various Agencies and individual policyholders indicated a growing concern over the potential of legal actions being brought from outside the US.

“In collaboration with our insurance carrier-partner, we developed a unique policy form designed to fully address these concerns. We have branded the new coverage as the World Wide Plan.”