Worth Ave. Group, a full-service electronic device insurance provider has launched a new type of student personal property insurance College Plus Plan, at Camex, the higher education retail industry trade show.

The company said the insurance plan can help students and their parents rest easy, knowing all their possessions, such as iPads, laptops, smartphones and other pricey items, are protected from theft, damage, and other common campus mishaps.

The new plan is available for students attending colleges, universities or boarding schools, whether they live on campus, off campus, at home, or are studying abroad.

The plan covers every kind of risks, including drops, spills, theft, flood, fires, vandalism, natural disasters, and power surge due to lightning.

A student is even covered if he or she loses their laptop or other property on vacation.

Worth Ave. Group business development manager Matt Shaw said College Plus is a policy specially designed for students that not only covers all of their gadgets and portable electronic devices, but also TVs, couches, jewelry, clothing, and any other valuable personal property students own.

"This policy gives college kids peace of mind so they can focus on studying, without worrying about what might happen or how they can afford to replace their stuff," Shaw said.

Hanover Insurance Company underwrites all of Worth Ave. Group’s policies.