Woodruff-Sawyer, a San Francisco-based independent insurance brokerage firm, has introduced new customized insurance solutions to address new business issues facing the solar industry.

The brokerage firm said it will continue to partner with key partners in crafting insurance products that address the needs of the clients. Recently, it has launched 25-year performance warranty insurance program.

In 2009, Woodruff-Sawyer established its Clean Technology Practice and appointed executive vice president of Woodruff-Sawyer Steve Sawyer, as the principal in charge. They offer management liability insurance, employee benefits and property & casualty and specialized insurance solutions for firms of all sizes.

Sawyer said that working collaboratively with the solar clients to solve their business issues when there is not an ‘off the shelf’ solution at hand is a challenge but one that the company is committed to seeing through.

"It is exciting to bring new solutions to the market," Sawyer said.