WiredBenefits has launched a new Employer Benefit Suite that enables employers to offer low cost, secure, and convenient benefits to their employees.

The company said that the new suite provides tax advantaged health care funds through a health reimbursement account (HRA), benefit options, and payroll cards delivered and managed through a web-based platform.

According to WiredBenefits, the new suite enables employers to load pre-tax money onto a reloadable WiredBenefits HRA debit card, and it also offers supplemental insurance options, including life policies and access to medical networks. The card can be used to purchase products at providers, drugstores and clinics.

In addition, wages can also be deposited onto a prepaid payroll debit card through direct deposit as an additional option.

The company said that both cards are supported by administrative web platform that allows employers to manage programs on the website, including adding or deleting employees; ordering, and assigning deposits to, the healthcare and payroll cards; and offering rewards and digital coupons.

Charles Marshall, CEO of WiredBenefits, said: “We are pleased to be able to offer a viable, cost-effective option not only for employers who want to offer health benefits to their employees and cannot afford traditional insurance, but also for those with a large number of part-time, temporary, or ‘under banked’ workers, 30 to 40 million of whom in the US do not have a bank account.”