Wipro Technologies has entered partnership with insurance software vendor Wyde Corporation to offer system integration services to Wyde's global insurance clients and prospects.

The partnership will also allow Wyde’s clients to leverage Wipro’s global resources, for implementing Wyde’s ‘Wynsure’ software, for the insurance sector.

Wipro said that it will also set up a Wynsure Center of Excellence in India that will be leveraged for sales initiatives, co-development programs, training purposes and customer demonstrations and is expected to address more than 250 small to medium sized insurers in the US alone.

Wynsure is a technology solution for insurance that supports group and individual life and health insurance, and personal and commercial property and casualty insurance.

Wipro global head of insurance practice Ajoy Menon said Wyde’s Wynsure platform is a strong, capable platform across the spectrum of life, health, and P & C insurers.

"It provides Wipro a great platform to help insurers transform across the value chain," Menon said.