Hybrid discount is expected to save 10% on most major auto insurance coverages

Western Agricultural Insurance Company has launched ProtectantDirect.com, a new online car insurance alternative.

According to the company, Protectant Direct also provides an auto insurance premium discount to hybrid car owners. This hybrid discount is expected to help customers save 10% on most major auto insurance coverages.

Bruce Trost, executive vice president, Western Agricultural Insurance Company, said: “We sought feedback from consumers and created Protectant Direct around their ideas. ProtectantDirect.com makes the process easier than ever before by offering quick car insurance quotes in just five easy steps, and making it simple to apply for coverage online. Our intent was to design ProtectantDirect.com to be the easiest way for consumers to purchase auto insurance.

“In today’s economy, consumers want to save money – that’s evident with hybrid owners, who are looking for better fuel economy in their cars. Those same consumers can benefit even further from our premium discount on hybrid vehicles. Helping our customers save money, be more fuel-efficient and reduce the environmental impact of their vehicles is important to Protectant Direct, he added.

Protectant Direct auto insurance is underwritten by Western Agricultural Insurance Company, West Des Moines, Iowa. The company currently offers coverage in the states of Arizona, Minnesota, New Mexico and Utah.