Western Heritage Insurance Company has introduced a new Garage Division, which the company says is a team of dedicated underwriting garage experts led by director Dan Bergman.

Prior to establishing the Garage Division in Western Heritage, Dan Bergman was with Allied Insurance and has previously worked with the American Automobile Association and Progressive Insurance.

The team will offer fast service, new products, and more binding authority through the efforts of Product Line manager Marcia Collette and Product specialist Robert Karam.

The new garage establishment was aimed at expanding partnerships with specialized garage agencies, providing new classes of business and searching for areas to deliver more binding authority.

The company seeks input from general agents for its modernization, has launched valet parking, salvages yards, and safety inspections garage classes, and enhanced the binding authority for heavy truck sales and service.

The company is now allowing the ‘you-pull-it’ auto dismantler risks and safety inspections in the 14 mandatory states to meet the needs of general agents.