West Point Underwriters (WPU), a provider of homeowners, commercial, and mobile home property insurance services, has selected Decision Research’s (DRC) DecisionMaker Rating Enterprise solution (DM Rating Enterprise) to enable business users to model, manage and analyze rates for WPU’s lines of business throughout all 50 states.

Paul Clayson, CIO of WPU, said: “DM Rating Enterprise provides us the flexibility to support the wide variety of customized rate plans we offer. Because the solution places rate control in the hands of the business group, we can react quickly to external changes and adjust rates with minimal reliance on our IT resources.

“And, given that DRC’s solution is built on an SOA foundation, we are also able to easily call the rating service from other systems.”

Dan Hurley, vice president of compliance at WPU, said: “After seeing the proof of concept completed, we are confident that DM Rating Enterprise will substantially reduce our overhead for managing rates and rules and will also reduce the time to roll out new rates and programs for our customers.

“With the DRC solution, I believe that we will be in an even better positioned to service our customers and quickly react to the constant changes in our marketplace.”

DRC is a software development company that delivers and implements software solutions to support a range of P&C insurance industry lines of business.