Wells Fargo Insurance Services, a subsidiary of Wells Fargo & Company, has announced that it has become the exclusive manager of the HLA Global Network, now known as the Wells Fargo Global Broker Network.

According to the company, the network has 10,000 insurance and risk management professionals serving customers from 330 offices across 70 countries, and provides insurance brokerage services in 115 countries.

The name change is designed to strengthen the network’s global identity under the Wells Fargo brand and help expand the delivery of international insurance and risk management services and solutions to Wells Fargo Insurance Services customers around the world.

Leading the Wells Fargo Global Broker Network is Bruce Basso, former co-chairman of ABD Insurance and Financial Services (now a part of Wells Fargo Insurance Services), who has been appointed president and CEO of Wells Fargo Global Broker Network.

Mr Basso will join Dave Zuercher (now chairman of Wells Fargo Global Broker Network), Scott Isaacson, Grahame Weatherley and Frank Witthun as a member of the board of directors of Wells Fargo Global Broker Network. Completing the new leadership and management structure is Deanna Hyndley, the network’s marketing and compliance manager.

Dave Zuercher, head of Wells Fargo’s international and insurance services businesses, said: Wells Fargo’s widely known and highly trusted brand, as well as our company’s considerable financial strength, depth of resources and leadership, will help network members around the world to better serve our customers.