Wells Fargo's Student Insurance Division (SID) and Immediate Post-concussion Assessment and Cognitive Testing (ImPACT) Applications have partnered to launch Play It Safe Concussion Care, a new concussion management treatment and services solution, to provide student athletes neurocognitive testing and excess insurance coverage.

PSC provides concussion medical expense benefits for athletes who sustain a covered head injury, said the company.

The program also offers education, neurocognitive testing, access to medical professionals who are credentialed ImPACT consultants, and excess insurance coverage to protect the financial well-being of athletes and their families.

Micky Collins director of the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center’s Center for Sports Medicine Concussion Program said the program will help all children to receive exemplary, evidence-based care incorporating all elements of an appropriate concussion management program.

"These elements include concussion education, baseline neurocognitive testing, and, most importantly, post-injury treatment by a clinician who has been trained extensively in implementing the latest advances in concussion science and education where many children will benefit from this program," Collins said.

ImPACT chairman Mark Lovell said the Play it Safe program helps provide athletes with easier access to qualified clinicians that have the background and experience in concussion management.