Intends to offer its institutional trading services to life settlement providers

Welcome Life Securities has expanded its lines of authorities and securities platform for the global life settlement industry.

On September 24, 2009, FINRA notified Welcome Life Securities that the firm can commence its new business operations, which are highlighted by institutional trading services in the Longevity Marketplace.

Welcome Life Securities will offer its institutional trading services to life settlement providers that are interested in selling variable life insurance policies to institutional investors.

Welcome Life Securities estimates that less than 30% of life settlement providers are actively purchasing variable policies. It maintains that such limited purchasing activity is due to significant confusion over how to trade these securities in a compliant manner.

The firm strives to eliminate this procedural uncertainty by providing life settlement investors with a platform which facilitates the trade in compliance with securities regulations. Increasing tertiary trading activity in the market, according to Welcome Life Securities, will likely translate into a direct increase in the value that consumers can receive for the sale of their individual variable life policies.

Welcome Life Securities provides retail broker-dealers and their registered representatives with life settlement broker services.