WEA Trust has selected HealthRules’ software platform suite to automate and streamline their business by eliminating costly manual processes.

WEA Trust expects that the usage of HealthRules Software Platform will result in achieving cost savings of about $100m for the next five years.

The software platform suite involves next-generation claims and benefit administration, business intelligence, and portal solutions.

WEA Trust CIO/vice president of Information Technology said that HealthRules will enable them to continue to have exceptionally low administrative costs and incorporate a number of exciting new options into their offerings, which will benefit their customers.

"The HealthRules will enable Trust to meet the next-generation healthcare business goals, Blumenfeld added.

HealthEdge CEO Rob Gillette said that their choice of HealthRules will enable them to adjust to market changes and gain a competitive edge in the new healthcare economy.

The WEA Trust health insurer provides health, dental, life, long-term disability, short-term disability, and long-term care insurance plans to Wisconsin public school employees and their families.