Wallace Welch & Willingham, an insurance agency, has entered into partnership with HR and compliance management software provider Compli, to provide expert guidance in the areas of employee benefit management, workers’ compensation and healthcare reform to Compli customers.

Compli has said that Wallace Welch & Willingham will be providing three new services to its customers through Compli e-Counsel: Benefit Administration e-Counsel, Workers’ Compensation e-Counsel and Healthcare Reform e-Counsel.

Compli Counsel is a service provided to all its customers offering an easy way to receive expert guidance when it is required.

All three new e-Counsel services allow managers to electronically submit questions to experts at Wallace Welch & Willingham and receive guidance within 24 hours. Experts will address questions regarding employee benefit matters, workers’ compensation issues and healthcare reform related matters, according to the Compli.

Compli president and CEO Lon Leneve said, Compli’s three new e-Counsels, addressing the critical areas of employee benefit administration, workers’ compensation and healthcare reform, provide essential new resources to customers, giving them access to leading experts in critical areas of regulatory enforcement.

When it comes to managing the entire employment lifecycle, from hiring via Compli Recruit through compliance training and termination, Compli automates and facilitates the process,” Leneve said.