Presently, the pet insurance and wellness plans of Wagmo are available across Colorado, Illinois, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina

Wagmo Founders and Aspen

Co-founders of Wagmo - Christie Horvath and Ali Foxworth. (Credit: Wagmo)

Wagmo, a pet insurance company, has announced plans to expand into New York and California to offer insurance and wellness plans to new pet parents across the US.

Presently, the company’s plans are available across Colorado, Illinois, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina.

According to Wagmo, new pet owners have to just visit its website to access its peruse wellness and insurance plan options and select the plan that suits their budget and their pet’s needs.

The pet insurance company further said that for new pet parents who can be confused about what plan to select, a recommendation engine is being offered to help them regarding the coverage areas to look into.

Wagmo’s wellness programme provides pet owners with three tiers of coverage that extend from routine to preventative care. These include visits to veterinary doctors, vaccinations, grooming, dental care, and others.

On the other hand, Wagmo’s insurance solutions are said to offer a single, comprehensive product to pet parents that covers emergency care and unexpected expenses such as surgeries, prescription medications, x-rays, lab tests, and cancer treatments.

After pet owners determine their wellness plan and insurance offering from the company that is appropriate for them, they are said to be empowered to visit any veterinary or groomer of their choice to get their treatment. The pet owners need to submit a picture of their wellness invoice following which Wagmo will reimburse them as early as the next day from either Venmo or PayPal.

Wagmo CEO comments on the importance of pet insurance

Wagmo CEO and co-founder Christie Horvath said: “When my beloved dog Denver was having a seizure on the floor of the pet hospital, I was quickly confronted with how traumatic and challenging pet parenting can be.

“I soon realized that if built correctly, pet insurance has the opportunity to be a product that can make a meaningful difference in pet parents’ lives, even before something tragic happens.”