Paul McAuliffe to suceed Bill Thornton

W. R. Berkley has appointed Paul McAuliffe as president of Berkley Regional Specialty insurance company. He succeeds Bill Thornton, who will now lead Regional Excess Underwriters, as president and remains chairman of Berkley Regional Specialty.

Mr McAuliffe for the past eight years served as a senior vice president of Acadia Insurance Company, another W. R. Berkley Corporation member company.

Mr Thornton joined W. R. Berkley Corporation in 1990 and has served as president of Berkley Regional Specialty since 2008. Previously, he was president of both Acadia Insurance Company and Union Standard Insurance Company, each a member company of W. R. Berkley Corporation.

In a related development at Regional Excess Underwriters, Irvin ‘Skip’ Wolf III has been promoted to senior vice president, in this role he will report to Mr Thornton.