Virtual Ed Link has developed a strategic relationship with the New Jersey School Boards Association Insurance Group for the joint distribution of its Safety & Security Management System (SSMS).

Founded in 1983, the New Jersey School Boards Association Insurance Group (NJSBAIG) is a non-profit, member-owned joint insurance fund dedicated to public schools in New Jersey. It offers a host of risk management and loss control services and insurance education programs tailored to the needs of New Jersey’s public schools.

In a joint program between NJSBAIG and VRED, the SSMS public portal will be offered to NJSBAIG’s 400 plus school districts in a typical internet ‘freemium’ model. The model provides basic services to the school districts free of charge while offering premium services in a ‘pay-as-you-go’ mode.

The first phase of deployment could generate over $200,000 for VRED, as each school district’s base participation is approximately $495, saving thousands of dollars for each school district in upfront fees and licenses. Once registered onto the portal, the district can begin to utilize additional safety services on an ad hoc basis.

John Bay, president and CEO, said: We believe this is a tremendous opportunity for schools during these fiscally hard times is establishing itself as a leader in the insurance industry by responding to the needs of its constituents in a manner that they need it most — through easily accessible Internet cloud-based services.