Vertafore, a provider of software and services to the insurance industry, has launched a workflow and content management solution, WorkSmart, that helps insurance agencies increase their capacity and gain insight into their business.

According to Vertafore, the WorkSmart provides insight into an agency’s operations by not only showing work that has been completed but also work that is upcoming or in progress. Bottlenecks and inefficiencies in the process become apparent, and with this insight, agencies can adjust to ensure business is marketed, renewed and serviced efficiently.

In addition, the solution’s intelligent workflow capabilities automate routine steps and processes, enabling agencies to increase their capacity and ensure that their customer-facing employees are spending time servicing customers and selling business. By transferring tasks to a processing pool or from one location to another, everyone in the agency is able to work to capacity, no matter where they are.

The company said that the new WorkSmart, powered by its ImageRight product, offers typical workflow functionality found in agency management or document management systems. WorkSmart also helps agencies route activities to ensure the right person is working on the right task. Intelligent workflows allow sharing of work without constraint of teams, geography or departments.

Steven Finch, VP of Vertafore agency markets, said: “Vertafore continues to respond to our customers, providing what they need to operate a successful business. Our customers want to grow their business, increase their capacity and gain insight into their own workflows, which can mean rebalancing staff and revising and refining business processes. WorkSmart offers the ability to do all of that, and gives agencies what they need to thrive.”