Vernam is developing a Decentralized P2P marketplace for the insurance sector, which will be broker free, cost efficient, data driven and transparent.

Consumers will also be able to get up to 30% cashback on their insurance premiums.

Purchasing Insurance the Vernam Way 

Vernam is in the vanguard of redefining the way people access insurance. The platform is keen to connect insurers directly with the people who would like to be insured – and in the process, get rid of middle men. Up to 30% of the amounts previously paid to brokers would be channeled back to clients and given back as cashback in the form of Vernam Tokens (VRN). The tokens can then be exchanged for fiat money or used for VRN denominated purchases.

More Game-changing Products for the Insurance Sector 

The platform also seeks to introduce a revolutionary product known as CryptoSafe – a smart contract that guarantees compensation to the insured, should a predefined event occur.

Speaking during an investor briefing, Vernam CEO and co-founder Roman Angelov said: "We are convinced that out product offering will benefit both insurance players and the consumers. There are lots of opportunities that both can leverage. We are moving towards an industry that is shifting from intuition based policy pricing to one that is based on data. Blockchain technology will allow the players to offer insurance products and assessment on an individual capacity thereby minimizing risk and increasing efficiency."

Core Features of the Vernam Platform

Customers get rewarded cashback of up to 30% for purchasing conventional insurance policies, that would otherwise be paid to brokers.

Clients are guaranteed compensation should a defined set of events occur through the application of smart contract "CryptoSafe."

Insurers optimize the risk assessment by utilizing blockchain technology which will create a temper-free, perpetual record of client's insurance history.  

The ICO 

The Vernam ICO Pre-Sale will take place on May 15th, 2018 until July 15th,2018.  Early investors will also be able to claim up to 40% bonus.  The ICO has already reached its soft cap target of raising 40 million VRN.

Source: Company Press Release