US based motor insurer Vermont Mutual Insurance has deployed the Thunderhead NOW platform, with an aim to enhance customer engagement with increased business user control and additional communication channels.

The new platform has been designed with modern architecture, which enables the underwriter to manage agent and customer communications including policies, endorsements and invoices on a single software application, claims Thunderhead.

Vermont Mutual Insurance IT vice president Joanne Currier said that the new system enables the company to reduce the complexity and number of documents being maintained in the legacy system.

"Thunderhead NOW’s powerful and user-friendly platform with its integration of IT Development and Business User controls significantly streamlines our former cumbersome development cycle," Currier added.

Apart from communication platform, the insurer has also chosen Analyze NOW and Validate to drive productivity and improve the quality of customer communications.

Vermont Mutual Insurance offers personal and commercial insurance solutions for automobile, property and business owners through its three companies including Vermont Mutual Insurance, Northern Security Insurance and Granite Mutual Insurance.