To manage healthcare risk and costs associated with medicare and medicaid populations

Verisk Health, a provider of healthcare data analytics, has released DxCG Risk Solutions 3.0, a suite of risk adjustment and predictive modeling products that enable organizations to analyze, predict, manage, and minimize healthcare risk and costs associated with commercial, Medicare and Medicaid populations.

According to Verisk Health, the new suite provides the users a medical classification system. It provides specificity and granularity to yield member stratification and intervention opportunities for customers. The system also supports practices in wellness program implementation in the workplace for identification of employees at greatest risk.

There are other enhancements to DxCG Risk Solutions 3.0 that include next-generation modeling methodology to produce accurate predictions, graphical interface to simplify the user experience and increases overall product flexibility and streamlined multi-model mode that enables like models to be grouped together for easier execution and results.

Nathan Gunn, chief medical officer of Verisk Health, said: “Only when you understand risk can you effectively control costs. Identifying cost drivers helps control clinical costs, while understanding predicted costs leads to a better rate-setting process.

“Our new DxCG Risk Solutions provides the sophisticated models and analytics an organization needs to predict current and future healthcare risk and proactively implement actionable strategies for change.”