Vantis Life Insurance announced that its multi-year guarantee annuity, "Freedom I," is being re-launched with special features for retirees.

A version of the product was a best seller for the company in 2010. Today, Freedom I features a return of deposit guarantee during the initial five years of the annuity.

"This is a perfect product for those retirees concerned about potentially needing access to their deposit during the five year term of the annuity," said Craig Simms, SVP Marketing for Vantis Life.

"Let’s face it, there are not a lot of investments available today that have the potential to truly give the retired investor peace of mind," Simms said. "Our Freedom I annuity offers the customer the best of all worlds: a guaranteed, competitive rate of return, compared to similar products, plus access to the principal during the five year term of the annuity."

Other features include:

A surrender charge period that matches the guarantee period – 5 years

Terminal Illness Surrender Charge Waiver

Nursing Care Facility Surrender Charge Waiver

After the initial five-year 2% guarantee, the rate can never be lower than 1%

10% Free Withdrawals (after first contract year)

The minimum investment for the annuity is $5,000 and the maximum is $500,000.

"We all have seen the tremendous volatility in the stock market recently," Simms said. "With the guaranteed returns, the Freedom I product can help reduce retirees investment risk while still providing great flexibility should the need to withdraw funds arise."

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