To connect Utah residents to individual health insurance through the state's planned, Utah Health Exchange

eHealth, the parent company of eHealthInsurance, has inked an agreement with the State of Utah. As per the deal, the company would use eHealth’s internet platform and technology to connect Utah residents to individual health insurance through the state’s planned Utah Health Exchange.

The agreement provides for the state’s online insurance exchange to link to a designated online portal from eHealth that will support the selection of, and enrollment in, private individual and family health insurance.

The eHealth technology platform is an online destination for residents to view a selection of private individual and family health insurance plans in Utah, and utilise decision-support tools such as plan comparisons, physician choice, information resources and online applications and approvals.

As per the agreement, eHealth intends to provide an online individual health insurance capability that will allow Utah residents to find, compare and apply for private health insurance plans.

The agreement between the state of Utah and eHealth is an important step towards achieving the goals of Utah’s House Bill 133 (HB133). HB133, the Health System Reform bill, which was signed into law on March 19, 2008, requires Utah’s Governor’s Office of Economic Development to develop an Internet resource that will increase access to health care for the state’s estimated 2.73 million citizens.