USA Business Insurance has announced the expansion of their customized business insurance packages by introducing a new liability policy tailored for framing contractors.

The policy covers framers for property damage, premises and completed operations and bodily injury among other situations ripe for a liability claim.

The policy pays out on anyone associated with the company who is alleged to be liable for an action. Expenses covered include attorney fees, court costs, any judgment rendered against the framing contractor and any reasonable cost incurred in defending the case.

By erecting the frame of the house, a framing contractor exposes his business to many areas of risk. If the wood used is discovered to be rotten, the workmanship turns out to be poor or a customer gets injured at the framers shop, the framing contractor may be held liable. If so, good liability insurance policy is needed to protect the business owner and the enterprise. Liability insurance pays to make the injured party whole while not hurting the resources of the policyholder.

"In addition to being one heck of a skill, framing a structure carries with it many risks. How can the framing contractor best transfer that risk to an insurance company?" asks USA Business Insurance. "What’s needed is a good insurance policy that contemplates those risks in a solid liability program designed specifically for the framing contractor."

The USA Business Insurance Framing Contractor General Liability Insurance Policy is written that way. It also is affordably priced and designed to provide peace of mind for as long as the business exists.

To round out a complete insurance program, general liability coverage is usually not enough. Optional liability coverages as well as commercial auto and workers compensation policies are needed to create maximum financial protection for a framing contractor.