Smart process applications provider Kofax has announced that a US state Medicaid agency is using a Kofax service to increase its medical claims processing efficiency.

The agency invested over $350,000 in Kofax’s comprehensive capture and claims processing service that will help in efficient claims processing to accommodate rise in claims volume due to the Affordable Healthcare Act.

Kofax Field Operations executive vice president Howard Dratler said that majority of people covered by Medicaid have limited disposable incomes.

"For that reason, fast processing and payment of claims is critical to their well-being. This agency invested in Kofax as a means of increasing insureds’ satisfaction while also significantly reducing operational costs," Dratler added.

The implementation of Kofax’s solution allows the agency to efficiently process 10 million documents per annum, including CMS 1500 and UB04 claim forms, at low costs and with improved service levels.

Kofax healthcare solutions help health care firms and insurers in efficient and quick scaling of their claims processing infrastructure for an estimated 30 million new patients projected to enter the health care system in January 2014 with the Affordable Healthcare Act.