US-based insurance group Coverys has deployed Accenture Duck Creek software suite to support its property and casualty insurance product development and policy, rating, billing and claims administration.


Accenture Duck Creek Suite comprises policy, rating, billing and claims software components, which can be implemented independently or combined for an integrated approach to manage all aspects of the property and casualty insurance lifecycle.

Coverys information technology vice-president Eric Crockett said: "Because our business is rather unique, transitioning from a legacy-based system to a modern platform required building one capable of enhancing our business agility, collecting and providing access to the right data to make better decisions, and delivering superior customer service."

Coverys can enhance and improve efficiencies through automated and streamlined operations, as the software implementation has been completed.

The new integrated platform is said to support large schedules, offer advanced reporting and enable high-volume processing within every segment of the business.

Accenture Duck Creek global managing director Michael Jackowski said: "The highly complex nature of this particular insurance segment made this a challenging project for our team and required significant configuration of the Accenture Duck Creek software so that Coverys could consolidate multiple systems and convert all of their claims data."

Coverys companies offer medical professional liability insurance and related services to hospitals or facilities, physicians or surgeons, dentists and allied healthcare professionals.

Image: Coverys has implemented Accenture Duck Creek software suite. Photo: courtesy of Stuart Miles/