Verint Systems announced that two large US-based insurance organizations have broadened their investments in its workforce optimization and customer analytics solutions.

Each expanded its investment to further its focus on customer satisfaction and loyalty, workforce performance and reducing operating costs.

One of the insurance providers has extended its implementation to include call recording and desktop and process analytics to its operations.

These solutions complement the organization’s existing Verint solutions, helping it capture voice interactions, agent screen data, email and more. The provider will also benefit from greater visibility into agents’ off-phone activities, processes and schedule adherence to maximize capacity and increase productivity.

Together, the solutions can heighten the customer experience, enhance compliance, reduce liability and support customer engagement initiatives.

The other insurer extended its use of workforce optimization to include additional seats for quality management, speech analytics and customer feedback. These solutions help solve issues related to lack of visibility and customer insight, while aligning quality management processes within the enterprise.

By optimizing customer engagement, the provider can identify and take action on trends, opportunities, potential issues and the root causes prompting customer calls. These solutions also will help the insurer leverage intelligence and key metrics to effectively execute against key customer and employee engagement initiatives.

Both insurance providers continue to work with Verint for its customer-centric service strategy. The solutions, which were purchased in July 2015, will continue to help them gain the actionable intelligence necessary enhance experiences, heighten loyalty, improve process and focus on customer and employee engagement.

Verint is a global leader in Actionable Intelligence, which has become a necessity in a dynamic world of massive information growth. By empowering organizations with crucial insights, Verint solutions enable decision makers to anticipate, respond and take action, and make more informed, effective and timely decisions.