Program engages brain's natural plasticity to improve basic brain function

UPMC Health Plan has signed an agreement to offer brain fitness software from Posit Science to UPMC for Life Medicare Advantage members.

The brain fitness software is a suite of five game-like computer exercises that make brain training effective. The program engages the brain’s natural plasticity to improve basic brain function.

The company said that improving cognitive health, brain fitness exercise can improve general health outcomes. The program will be available to members. Posit Science technology improves speed of processing, attention, memory, and quality of life measures.

Michael Merzenich, chief scientific officer of Posit Science, said: We are excited that UPMC Health Plan chose our brain fitness training as a way to revitalize the aging brain. Research trials have shown that spending consistent time on these exercises helps users think quicker, focus better, and remember more of what’s going on in their everyday lives.

Cathy Batteer, vice president of UPMC Health Plan Medicare, said: Brain health is important because it affects what matters most – quality of life, emotional health, relationships, everyday tasks, work, and hobbies. Fitness isn’t just about your body anymore. We care about overall mind-body wellness, so we are thrilled to be the first health plan in this region to provide our members with this brain fitness software.