UnitedHealthcare, a provider of health benefits plans and services, has started to offer its new health plan option 'Core' in Chicago and Northwest Indiana.

Core enables health plan participants to reduce their health care costs when they seek care within a designated provider network which includes 97 hospitals and around 16,500 doctors in the Chicagoland area.

The Core plan participants may access care from doctors and hospitals outside designated network, including its network of providers of around 600,000 physicians and care professionals, 5,000 hospitals and 60,000 pharmacies.

The new health plan covers preventive care services and visits to specialists and can also be paired with health savings account (HSA), enabling people with pre-tax savings and savings for future health care expenses.

In addition, plan participants will have access to expanded programs and services including Care24, healthy pregnancy program, and online tools.

UnitedHealthcare of Illinois president and CEO Tom Wiffler said that the new health plan provides health benefit coverage and cost savings to participants and also offers opportunity to enroll in an HSA that can help them plan, save and pay for their health care needs.