To enhance the health and well-being of Spanish-speaking individuals

UnitedHealthcare has unveiled PlanBien, a suite of health plans featuring services to enhance the health and well-being of Spanish-speaking individuals, in the US state of Arizona.

PlanBien incorporates linguistically and culturally relevant health information and customer service programs into its plan designs, ensuring the coverage is tailored to meet the health care needs of Latinos, claims the company. These resources include printed and online materials in both Spanish and English and information about health topics of particular interest to Latinos, such as diabetes management and heart health.

The plan participants also have access to bilingual customer service representatives who can answer questions and help locate Spanish-speaking doctors.

An online directory identifies physician offices with Spanish-speaking doctors and staff, making it easier for customers to find a doctor close to their home or work.

The company said that PlanBien is available now to Arizona businesses with between two and 99 employees. However, within the next few months, the plans will expand to businesses with 100 employees or more.