To enhance the products currently offered by United Home Life for agents

United Home Life Insurance has partnered Service Corporation International (SCI) to enhance the products currently offered by the company for agents. Through the partnership, independent agents can utilise the Dignity Planning tool to increase their profitability, by offering clients the ability to turn their policy into a complete end-of-life plan.

Dignity Planning was designed for financial service professionals and intends to provide agents with needs analysis and pricing, as well as inflation and aged-based life expectancy costs of specific elements, rather than generic national averages.

The tool was designed for financial services professionals outside of the funeral industry to offer clients a critical component in a complete financial plan. Through, consumers are offered a way to store financial and legal information for a complete end-of-life plan, claims the company.

Steve Ramsey, director of marketing, United Home Life Insurance, said: “The Dignity Planning tool strengthens the value of our insurance products with independent agents by providing lead generation, building in up-selling and cross-selling opportunities and helping realize higher face amounts.”