United Concordia Dental has introduced individual dental insurance for consumers of Arizona, California, Florida, Pennsylvania and Texas. The dental products will also be available in West Virginia in early 2010.

According to United Concordia, iDental offers five different plans which meet the dental needs of college students, young families, senior citizens or anyone interested in portable and affordable dental insurance.

The company said that the iDental plans are designed to cover 100% of the cost of routine care, such as cleanings, exams and X-rays; pay toward the cost of other covered procedures, including fillings and crowns; and take advantage of the company’s discounted fees with network dentists, helping lower a consumer’s overall dental bill.

Sharon Muscarella, senior vice president and chief marketing officer of United Concordia, said: Some people think they cannot afford dental insurance or that they can pay for their preventive care and just hope for the best.

We developed our individual product line with the needs of those individuals in mind. Research increasingly suggests that there are links between a person’s oral and overall health. Our wide range of individual dental policy options at affordable prices are designed to help people obtain the dental care they need to maintain good oral health.