Unique Underwriters, Inc., a national, independent insurance sales and marketing company, has announced that it has formed a strategic alliance with a local, established mail house to provide discounted lead generation services directly to its agents.

Unique Underwriters ("UUI") has also introduced new promotional commission guidelines to its distribution channel. These guidelines were created to attract more sales agents by increasing their commissions above the industry standards.

This will allow UUI to focus on recruiting, training and development of industry professionals. In forming this alliance, UUI has created an industry first and new best practice as their agents will now work directly with the mail house to generate their leads at their own pace instead of simply purchasing leads "in-stock."

"We are very ecstatic with this new, first-of-its-kind practice," said Ralph Simpson, Chairman and Chief Operating Officer of Unique Underwriters.

"This new practice will allow the field agents to grow at a much more rapid pace, react more quickly to community growth cycles, and build their agencies at a pace not seen before."