Uniqa Group Austria has reported a profit of E340 million for the financial year 2007, representing an improvement of 42.7% compared to the profit recorded in FY 2006.

For the year, operating profit increased by 43.3% to E378 million. The return on equity was 26.2%, or roughly 25% higher than return on equity registered in 2006.

In the consolidated premiums written, the Uniqa Group achieved a growth of 3.6% to E5.28 billion. According to the group, the growth impulses came from the markets in central and eastern Europe.

Consolidated insurance benefits declined by 3.2% to E3.6 billion and the group benefit and loss ratio was improved from 80.3% to 74.9%. Total capital investments of the group increased by E389 million, or 1.8%, to E21.54 million at the end of 2007. Net investment income for the year rose by 10.4% to E955 million.