Aviva has announced significant improvements to its International Solutions private medical insurance from 1st February 2014. The improvements will provide new and existing customers with enhanced standard benefits and wider geographic cover, greater flexibility, and a new tailored Gulf Solutions policy for customers based in the Gulf region.

The enhancements follow a detailed clinical review of the insurer’s international medical cover to ensure customers living or working abroad receive high quality healthcare that reflects advances in medicine and medical practice.

Simplified global regions
International Solutions has now been divided into two areas rather than six, to make mobility between countries easier for customers and provide them with wider cover around the world. Policies are now available as Worldwide, or Worldwide (excluding USA and Caribbean) cover, with pricing based on comparative risk and medical costs, rather than geographical location. For all customers, irrespective of where they are based, emergencies are covered for up to 60 days in any country in the world.

A new Gulf Solutions policy
Aviva has also expanded its provision in the Gulf, creating a new tailored Gulf Solutions policy for group customers, to provide cover for their employees based in Kuwait, Oman or Qatar, as well as to those based in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Individual customers can also benefit from the new Gulf Solutions policy, if they are living or working in Oman or the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

The new Gulf cover marks the second phase of Aviva’s product development for the region, building on the success of the award-winning Emirates International Solutions and the health insurer’s expertise in managing healthcare within the region’s complex legislative framework. A partnership with NAS Administration Services provides Gulf customers with a market-leading regional claims service with direct settlement capabilities.

Extensive standard benefits and Aviva’s International Cancer Pledge
For all customers, standard core benefits have been increased to make International Solutions one of the most comprehensive international policies available in the market, with an annual benefit level of £5m. Customers have the peace of mind that wherever they are, they will receive high quality treatment if they are ill or injured, as well as 24-hour medical emergency assistance and evacuation to an appropriate facility if treatment isn’t available locally.

Policies now carry an International Cancer Pledge to cover treatment and palliative care as recommended by specialists. In addition, cover is provided for aftercare, including money towards prostheses and wigs.

In and Day-patient Care is enhanced and now includes cover towards the costs of organ transplants and harvesting, and an increase in rehabilitation cover from 14 days to 25 days.

Out-patient Care also now includes cover for up to ten speech therapy sessions, following a referral by a specialist after a hospital admission.

Additional Benefits includes cover for complications of pregnancy as standard, with Maternity and Maternity Plus policy upgrades available to provide customers with cover for the more routine costs of pregnancy and childbirth, including pre and post-natal care. Home nursing benefits have also been increased as standard from 28 days to 60 days.

Customers will also have greater coverage on a range of Everyday Healthcare benefits that they would usually expect from their GP at home. These include up to 20 consultations with a doctor per year and higher limits for prescription medicine and vaccinations. Everyday Healthcare now includes cover towards Hormone Replacement Therapy.

Condition Management for acute phases of congenital conditions is also now covered as standard, alongside increased cover for the management of HIV and AIDS.

If treatment for any illness or accident covered is not available locally, the policy’s Evacuation & Emergency Assistance cover will arrange evacuation to the nearest facility, even if that is in another country.

Peace of mind and 24-hour assistance across the globe
All International Solutions customers get round-the-clock overseas support, 365 days a year. This includes a 24 hour medical emergency assistance helpline; a 24 hour medical advice helpline from a network of medical providers in 86 countries; and 24 hour secure online access to medical records through My Health Passport.

Full flexibility to suit individual healthcare needs and budgets
Customers can also upgrade their core cover to provide even further peace of mind with the following options:

Maternity or Maternity Plus cover, which includes investigations into fertility.

Dental or Dental Plus cover, which provides 100% reimbursement up to specified limits and a range of benefits including orthodontic treatment for children.

Wellbeing, to help keep customers fit and healthy with cover for routine examinations, screening, hearing and dietician tests. Co-payment has been removed so customers no longer have to pay the first 20%.

Additional Out-patient & Alternative Therapies cover.

Repatriation & Compassionate Travel cover to help with travel and accommodation costs in the event of a family emergency.

Value options are also available for complete flexibility to help reduce premiums, including options for different excess levels, reducing out-patient cover or removing some core benefits like Everyday Healthcare.

The enhancements to International Solutions and the new Gulf Solutions policy come into effect on 1 February 2014 for both new and renewing customers. The policies have clearer benefit terms to give individual customers, employers and their employees complete peace of mind about the cover they choose, as well as a clear and easy claims process with no mandatory excess levels in place. Intermediary commission for new and renewal group business has also been flattened to 15%.