UIB Asia Reinsurance Brokers, a subsidiary of UIB International/UIB Holdings UK, has licensed AIR Worldwide's catastrophe risk management systems to help its clients manage catastrophe risk.

AIR Worldwide has said that UIB Asia will leverage its Catrader and Clasic/2 software applications to manage clients catastrophe risk.

UIB Asia CEO Bengt Johnsen said AIR’s advanced Asia-Pacific typhoon and earthquake models will help UIB in providing the best assessment of catastrophe risk to growing client base in Asia.

“Aviation, construction, energy, and treaty reinsurance are core businesses for UIB, and we believe these are also strong growth areas throughout Asia.

UIB Asia’s treaty, actuarial, and specialist teams are looking forward to collaborating with AIR to enhance the services we provide to our clients,Johnsen said.

UIB is an independent, multilingual insurance and reinsurance broker headquartered within the London Market and at Lloyd’s.